Soleil and Colin

SUMMER. HAS. ARRIVED. My friends, so I’m going forth into the unknown, putting my will into the stratosphere and trying my hand at this love thing. I had the absolute pleasure of working with a super adventure lovin adorable couple in Ventura California recently in their home as well as the place where he proposed to her. This included an hour hike straight up the side of a mountain, (not really a mountain. It felt like a mountain.) overlooking the coast. These are a few of my favorite shots.  Oh, and here’s to Bowie stealing the show in a lot of the photos ;)

New day new blog! This seems like a nice space to post new work without the pressures of categorization or portfolio material only. In celebration of that, here are a set of my more recent stroboscopic photos. I’d love to make a new set so if you feel like getting in front of the camera and getting creative, hit me up!

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